Data Security - We protection of clients’ data through advanced information security.

Competent representation and confidentiality are at the foundation of the attorney-client relationship. ABA Model Rule 1.1 covers the general duty of competent representation and provides that “Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.” ABA Model Rule 1.6 generally defines the duty of confidentiality—and significantly, it broadly extends that duty to “information relating to the representation of a client.” It’s now commonly accepted that this duty applies to client information in computer and information systems as well.

We recognized since our inception that confidentiality and data security would be of supreme concern to our clients. It was our highest priority that we set out to develop a culture of confidentiality within Hudson. Our goal is to obtain ISO 27001:2013 certification and a SSAE 16 SOC 2 Entity (as certified by a Big Four audit firm).

We deploy hundreds of security controls to protect all client data and information, and especially personally identifiable or protected information. We realize that some of the steps we take are redundant and perhaps repetitive – such as having advanced firewalls, security guards, access controls and multiple live video surveillance. However, we have found that having a multi-pronged approach to security that is layered and woven together is highly effective in minimizing the risks of intrusion and extrusion.

Our secure facilities are housed in Class A buildings, with redundant infrastructure, such as power backup, redundant Internet connectivity, data replication and a disaster recovery site that we maintain in hot standby mode.

Achieving reliable security consistently requires a combination of well-defined controls, clear processes, and adherence to those controls and processes. Most importantly, it requires employees who believe in and fully understand the need for such security. To this end, we only hire permanent employees, who go through extensive background checks and a rigorous training program, both as part of the on-boarding process and on an ongoing basis. We put as much emphasis as possible on confidentiality in our training program and everyday processes, until it becomes engrained in the way our teams approach everything they do at Hudson.